Silhouette Tutorial and 2 Free Valentine Designs

I've been having a blast with my Silhouette SD machine. If you haven't already found them, the official Silhouette blog is here.   Kelly from Finding Time to Create has another fantastic blog with tutorials here.    A couple of weeks ago, the Silhouette blog offered a tutorial on Compound Paths and Word Welding.  I followed the basic instructions to create 2 Valentine designs.

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements, I created a heart shape that I imported into Silhouette Studio.  Using the auto-trace feature, I created a heart. 

I resized the heart to my desired size, and then created an internal offset using the corner option.  Then I selected the 2 hearts and right clicked on "create compound path".

Next, I copied the single heart again.  Then duplicated it 3 times.  I resized the hearts so that I had 2 medium and 1 small version.

Next step was to move the 3 hearts in to my desired postion along the edge of the larger heart.  When I was happy with the placement, I selected the scalpel tool and sliced just inside the the smaller hearts through the larger heart (this is why you need to make the larger heart a compound path).

Delete the clipped areas from inside your hearts.

Select all shapes and weld together. Don't forget to save your hard work!

I created another heart in a similar fashion.I knew I wanted to use it to make a card, so I created a rectangle in the size of small valentine I want to make for my daughter's class.

Using the scalpel tool, I split the heart in half.

I took one half of the heart and dragged it to the edge of my card, overlapping them slightly.  I then selected the half-heart and the card and welded them together.

I dragged the remaining heart half on to the card and lined it up, leaving a space between the two halves.

Finally, I drew a line where I wanted my fold to be.  I selected the line, went to my cut settings and chose to perforate.

Here is they both are after I sent them to my Silhouette and cut them out.  I cut a smaller piece of white paper to fit inside the card so that my daughter can write her Valentine's wishes to her friends.

Free Silhouette Studio Download Here

Heart Design Here

Have fun!

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Kelly said…
Thank you so much!! Great tutorial!!
susies1955 said…
Awesome. I just got the Silhouette for Christmas and trying to learn it. :) Your tutorial is great and hope to see more.
I'm following,
Jes said…
This is so adorable! I just got my Silhouette a week or two ago. I'm super excited!
luluvision said…
Thanks so much for this!
Sara said…
Thank you for sharing. I got a Silhouette for Christmas and have been making and downloading lots of designs. I need to start sharing them on my blog as well.
What a cute card!!! I'm just learning how to run my Silhouette, so I love tutorials! We would love for you to link this up at Fancy This Fridays...
Thanks so much for sharing this!! Our readers appreciate the tutorial!! Hope to see you again at Fancy This Fridays!
Make handmade said…
Great tutorial, so cute patterns for Valentine. i like it very much. thanks for sharing