Buffalo Chicken Wraps - Menu Plan Monday 10/27/2014

Panini's- Yum.  
Hello out there!  Thanks for stopping by this week.  It's been a busy couple of weeks for me.  I am getting over an illness and have been working like crazy.  Unfortunately, that leaves no time for blogging or taking pictures.  
I was a bad girl last week and didn't plan my menu very well.  We had a lot of "fly by the seat of your pants" dinners as a result.  Not good.  I definitely prefer having things planned in advance.  It's loads cheaper than eating out or running up to the store for that one last ingredient you didn't have on hand... and then walking out of the store with a bag of candy bars, some soda and chips you didn't really need...
I don't know about you, but we've started having some cooler nights around here.  To me, that screams CROCKPOT!!!  So, forgive me if the weather down here doesn't quite jibe with yours... but I still think that the crockpot is the greatest thing EVER for a busy family.
My dinner plans this week include:
Buffalo Chicken Wraps (recipe included in this post)
Red Beans and Rice
Chicken Enchiladas
White Garlic and Sausage Pizza (recipe to follow later this week)
Chorizo Nachos
Alice Springs Chicken and Garlic Mashed potatoes (an Outback knock-off meal)
Since I plan on having extra Buffalo Chicken and pizza dough, I plan on making some calzones to put in the freezer. While I'm at it, a second tray of chicken enchiladas will go in to the freezer, too.
On to one of the easiest recipes of all time: Buffalo Chicken.  The basis for this recipe includes 3 ingredients and your crockpot.  When it's done, you have so many options of what to make with it, the only limit is your imagination. This is a hearty meal with lots of flavor that will suit both the kiddos and the bigger kiddos in the house.  It also makes great game day munchies.  You can adjust the spiciness to match your tolerance.  Diva likes it mild, so she leaves it as is.  DH pours more sauce on it. Meanwhile Pumpkin adds a splash of Franks Red Hot Sauce to spice it up.
Are you ready for this complicated recipe?
Here it goes.
Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast (about 4 half breasts)
1 cup Buffalo Wing Sauce of your choice
1/2 envelope of dry ranch dressing mix
Spray the crockpot with cooking spray.  Add chicken to bottom of crockpot.  Sprinkle with ranch dressing mix.  Pour wing sauce over chicken.  Cook on low for 6 or high for 3.5 hours.  Open lid and shred chicken with two forks. Recover and let cook for another 30 minutes or longer.  
Shredded delectability.  Ready for how ever you want to serve it!
Didn't I tell you it was easy?!  Now, how do you serve this delectable concoction?  Any way you want.
  • Make wraps with tortillas, lettuce, caesar dressing and a bit of shredded parmesan. Serve cold or hot from a panini press. Panini.  It's a fancy word for grilled cheese.  
  • Serve it on hamburger rolls
  • Top baked potatoes with chicken and a bit of crumbled blue cheese
  • Speaking of potatoes, remember me saying this made a great game day snack?  Make potato skins and top with chicken, shredded carrots and a drizzle of ranch. Nom.  
I will be sharing this recipe and menu plan over at:
 I Am An Organizing Junkie