Days on the Lake

My dad loves boats. For as long as I can remember, we have always had some type of boat. Hobies, Catamarans, speed boats, all kinds of wonderful boats. And for as equally long, my mom has always hated boats. Luckily for my dad, my girls and I do not share my mom's aversion to water! We love to spend as much time out on the boat as possible.

Last year, we weren't able to go very often because Lake Lanier was so low due to both the drought and the Army Core of Engineers making a huge mistake and letting out too much water down stream to Florida. Thankfully, this year the lake is back up to within 4 feet of full pool. We have a standing date to go out once a week. It has been so much fun. My dad bought a raft that we tow behind the boat that seats 3. All 3 of the girls love riding on it, even when it gets a bit rough. We've come back sun and wind burned, but we wouldn't trade these days for anything!