On forgetting to tell people where I am going...

So the other day I went out to get the mail. While I was out there, I started talking to my neighbor who is moving to Florida in a few days. I'm going to miss seeing her as she takes her dogs (who coincidentally, shared the names of two of my dogs, Jasmine and Sam) for their daily walks. She is also a nurse, so it has been nice having someone else in the neighborhood who understood my frustrations with not being able to be with "my" babies.

While we were talking, we saw another friend out with her 5 month old son. We walked up to her driveway to chat and play with the baby. Time slipped away as it tends to do when you are having a good time. Suddenly my cell phone rang. I answered it, only to hear my 13 year old on the other end. "Mom. Where ARE you?" she demanded. I told her to look out the front window, she would be able to see me from there. She hung up the phone in a huff. When I looked at the time on my phone, I realized I had been gone for nearly an hour. I made my apologies to my neighbors and made my way home.

When I arrived, my 8 year old was standing at the door waiting for me. She threw her arms around me and sobbed. "You didn't tell us you were going any where. We were so worried about you." OK, so maybe she was a little dramatic, but she had a point. How would I have reacted if she had done the same thing to me? How often do we neglect to give the same basic courtesies to our children that we demand they show to us?