Adventures in decluttering: The Linen Closets

Operation Organization

I know I am strange. I dream of one day having a beautifully organized linen closet. One that when you open it, greats you with the scent of lavender sachets and the sight of perfectly folded towels and sheets. One that has linen lined baskets to hold all those little things you want hidden away from view. In other words, one that has no place in real life:

Source: Martha Stewart. com

Source: Seattle Times Home and Garden

In real life, I'll settle for being able to find what I am looking for without the hazard of anything falling on me when I open the door.

I joined in Operation Organization on the Coming Clean website. My goal for this week was to organize my linen closet. I needed inspiration. I needed it fast! I was browsing through Thrifty Decor Chick last night, and I ran across her entry on linen closets. Thankfully, her approach to closets is more in keeping with us mere mortals: get rid of the junk you aren't using and group the like things together. I thought "I can do that!"

And I did that! I weeded out the almost empty bottles of hair goo and body lotion. I pared down the number of sheets and towels. What was left was grouped in to containers by categories: first aid, skin care, etc. The result isn't any where near ready for a magazine shoot, but it's ready for me to take my bubble bath tonight without risk of injuring myself while searching for the bath salts.

Before and After

Addendum: It felt so good to organize and throw out the junk in this closet, that I went and did the girl's linen closet, too! Theirs had mostly towels and sheets shoved in balls into the corners. But just clearing out the extras and folding everything neatly gave me enough room to make 2 shelves into space for their games. Joy! ♥


I'd say your job is done! That closet looks great, enjoy your bath.

It's great to have another SITSer! Welcome!

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mommy4life said…
I wish my linen closet looked sooo good! Good job!

Thanks for coming by earlier in the week for my special SITS day!
Lil' Ms. P said…
Wow! I am jealous of all the space you have in your linen closet! Maybe my next Operation Organization Challenge should be mine.
Melinda said…
Great job, Donna! You're off to a fabulous start! Amazing how a clean closet can make us feel so good! I finished my daughter's room and it looks pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself. I'll be posting my B&A photos on Friday. Keep up the good work!
conner.ash said…
Your linen closet looks great. Makes me wish I had one to organize! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. It's always good to hear from a fellow organizing, crafty Georgian. ;) Looking forward to seeing more of your organization.
Kelly's Ideas said…
very nice... I so need to get organized...
Cindy said…
I really need to clean mine too. I started with my bedroom and next I am on to the laundry room. Then I may try the linen closet. Mine is so packed and scary. Time to purge I guess. Good Luck with Oper. Organization.
Lisa Anne said…
That's it I'm inspired to clean my closet. I posted a similar post in regards to my kitchen pantry. After seeing your post now I want to do my closets. I love the martha stewart pictures, if only a normal household could have a closet like that. Yeah right, not in my household. All those baskets would be ripped apart. But hey we can try our best to keep it clean and organized. Yours looks great btw. I'm jealous. LOL
Anonymous said…
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