Organizing Coupons

I LOVE coupons. I love saving money. The problem is, I forget about them half the time. I finally subscribed to the free service the Coupon Mom She lays it all out for you. What's on sale where. Which coupons are in what flyer, etc.

The problem for me? Finding the right flyer.

Here is how I solved it.

I bought a 13 pocket file folder in the dollar section at Target. In it, I place each weeks coupons, unclipped. Then, when I have my list, I just pull out the corresponding flyer and clip that coupon.

13 file pocket folder purchased from target for keeping coupons organized

In between shopping trips, the folder stays neatly in my file drawer.

Works for Me!

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Unknown Mami said…
Great idea! I started keeping my takeout menus in a file folder too as opposed to loose in a drawer the way they used to be and it's so much tidier and easier.
Cheryl said…
That's a great idea! All my coupons are in my "junk drawer" and they jump out every time I open it :)