Shiny Sinks thanks to the FLYlady

shiny sink granite counter top flylady

I'll admit it. My house is a disaster. Right now there is laundry on the dining room table. Papers piled on my desk. Books on the kitchen table. And dust bunnies of legendary proportions growing behind the couch.

But my sink is shiny.

Why does that matter you ask? Well, it matters to me and to FLYlady. My shiny sink is my first step in taking back control of my house and my life. It's a sign that no matter what else is going on, I can control one small part of my world. And if I can take control of that one small part, then I can get control over progressively more and more.

No, it's not going to happen over night. But then, I didn't lose control of everything over night. I used to be one organized chick. I juggled working nights, a husband and 3 kids. I was a Girl Scout Leader, an ALS nurse, taught Neonatal Resuscitation and cooked and froze meals in bulk. Then I got hurt. Slowly my life began to unravel until it no longer even resembled the one we had so carefully put together.

But I'm taking my life back now. And I'm starting with a shiny sink.

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