Shopping for back to school bargains, Part 1

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

Ooops, sorry. You caught me at an unguarded moment. As a kid, I always loved the start of the new school year. I loved having new pencils and notebooks, new backpacks and lunch boxes. Even now, the thought makes me feel all tingly...

Even though it's still the middle of summer, now is the time to start looking for back to school bargains on school supplies. This weekends circulars had some great deals, so I wanted to share my shopping experience with you.

First, I gathered the circulars and compared prices on items. Since I have several weeks left, I know I don't have to buy everything right now, so I'm hunting for only the best of the best sales. I also don't plan on going out of my way. I needed to go in to town anyway to pick up a prescription, so all the stores I planned on hitting are on my way there and back.

First I stopped at CVS. They advertised Bic Pens, 10 packs for 99 cents with a 99 cent CVS Buck back. Unfortunately, my store was out. But I did remember to get a rain check. Since I drive by there at least twice a week, it's no hassle.

Next on to Office Max. I picked up 3 protractors for a nickle each. 2 metal compasses for 10 cents each and 3 2-pack highlighters for a penny each. Grand total- 41 cents with tax!!

Then to off to Staples. There I picked up 2 8-packs of pencils for a penny each and 2 500 ct. packs of copy paper for 3.69 each. After the EasyRebate, the price on the paper will be a penny a piece. Total cost 4 cents plus tax!

Target was next on my list. The sales here weren't as good, but I did need pens, lined paper, pencil boxes, colored pens and colored pencils. Regular price 11.32- Sale price 6.50.

Finally, I was off to Walgreens. There I picked up 8 5 packs of mechanical pencils for 20 cents a piece, 4 packs of note cards for 39 cents each, and 3 4-packs of erasable markers for 1.99 each. There were a few things they were out of, so I got rain checks for those, too (I'm not about to pass up page dividers for 39 cents!)

My Grand Total for this excursion? $16.09

If I had paid full price, it would have been $58.47!!!

Now, if I could only find bargains like this on school clothes...

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Katy said…
I noticed families "getting in the mood" today while I was at Walmart. Not so sure they were as successful on the bargains as you were. Way impressed by your total! Stopping in from SITS.
SugarandSpice said…
Wow! I could use some tips on Bargain husband might love you for life! Thanks for the follow. Cute Blog. I am going to follow you back!!!
Donna's Days said…
No real secrets here- this is the time of year the stores try to get you in with loss leaders, hoping you'll buy the more expensive things while you are there. I just stuck to my list and felt no qualms about buying only the best of the best deals. Though to be honest, I did throw in a soda, LOL.
Sheryl said…
Call me weird but I just love going to the office supply store. I too get all tingly.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Now I'm off to tour more of your blog.

Have a great night.
Unknown Mami said…
You are my kind of shopper. I love deals.
Tesa said…
Wow! Great deals. My kids are too young for back-to-school shopping yet, but I agree there is just something about all the new pens and notebooks at super-low prices that I can't resist. It must be a writer thing!
I like you blog. You have some great tips. I look forward to reading more!