Easing the School Morning Stress

School started back for us yesterday. During the first week, I rarely have problems getting the girls up and at 'em because they are still excited. By the second week though, the shiny newness has worn off and we go back to the normal morning conversations that go something like this:

Me: Hurry up. It's time to wake up. You need to get dressed.

Them: Mooooommm, just 5 more minutes.

Me: {{pulling the covers off the bed}} I said N-O-W. You've already had 5 extra minutes. I told you to go to bed earlier last night.

Them: But moooooommmm, Hannah Montana (Monday Night Football game, etc) was on. I couldn't miss it.

Me: Just hurry up and get dressed and come down stairs.

---15 minutes later---

Kids stumble to the kitchen, half dressed. Hair sticking straight out from the back of their heads.

Me: What do you want for breakfast?

Them: I'm not hungry.

Me: We've only got 10 minutes before you have to leave. You need to eat! Where are your back packs? Are your lunches made? What happened to your hair? Did a rat crawl in their and make a nest? Blah, blah, blah....

Sound familiar?

We've only been doing the school routine for the last 14 years around here. You think we'd have it down pat by now. The problem is I get lazy. And because I let things slip, the kids let things slip. The answer for us has been routines.

Towards the end of last year, we implemented a few routines. Not a lot, just a few steps at a time. School lunches got made right after dinner so the kitchen only needed to be cleaned up once. School clothes got picked out the night before. Common sense, right?

This year, I'm adding in a few new ones. As the year goes on, I'm sure we will be editing the list to match up with after school activities, jobs and homework.

  • Prepare backpacks right after homework is completed.
  • Set out school clothes the night before.
  • Kids are responsible for getting themselves up on time (yeah for alarm clocks!)
  • Make school lunches right after dinner.
  • Set the table for breakfast before bedtime.
  • Look in to making more pre-made breakfasts (blue berry muffins, pancakes, egg muffins) that can be quickly re-heated on busy mornings.

And most of all, bed time has to be firm this year. That means me, too. DVR's are there for a reason. Besides, it's more fun to watch Leverage without the commercials!


Lisa Anne said…
you've been tagged. LOl Stop by my blog when you have a chance.
Lizze said…
Wow. You're sure on top of things. Now are you like me where you'll slowly ease off and stop these things altogether by the end of the school year? Or will you still be going strong by then? Either way, more power to you!

Happy TT to you! :)
Dominique said…
we also have quite a rush in the morning before getting the kids off to school. Their bags are packed and their clothes laid out the night before.. normally we pack milk for them or some cherrios to eat while on the trip to school.