Homemade Ice Packs

My dad had knee surgery recently and needed ice packs to help with the swelling. The physical therapist who came to his house told us how to make homemade ice packs, like the ones you pay $5.99 a piece for at the drug store.

2 cups water
1 cup rubbing alcohol (keeps water from freezing solid)
2 drops blue food coloring

She suggested using ziplock bags to pour the mixture in to. But because I was worried about them leaking, I used my vacuum sealer to make bags instead. I did a double seal on each end for extra assurance.

This makes a nice slushy mixture that stays cold for about an hour. Just keep them in the freezer for the inevitable bumps and bruises.

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Amy Ellen said…
Great Idea!!! I always wondered how to do this at home... I'll have to try this... Do you just store this in your freezer for when you need it?

Amy Ellen at Health Begins With Mom
Lisa Anne said…
wow thats great to know. I like the adding of the blue food coloring. I assume you can add any color you want. I have a vaccum sealer I didn't know you could seal liquids. I'd think it would suck all the liquid out. hmm
Anonymous said…
Lisa- Keep the bag way below the sealer. I propped mine up on a couple of cereal boxes to make sure the fluid wouldn't get sucked in. Also, leave yourself a couple of inches between the fluid and where you will make your seal. I'll try to put up pictures later.

As for the coloring- yes, you can put any color you like. I just used the blue so it would look like the store bought packs. Plus it makes them easy to find in the freezer.
Amy Ellen said…
I made one this afternoon... the kids thought it was cool. So I hope I don't have a good use for it anytime soon... but at least I'm prepared. No more frozen corn on the head or chin or eye!

Thanks again, Amy Ellen
Sheryl said…
What a great idea. I will do that.
Ali said…
What a great idea! I've got a picture of my youngest son with a package of frozen broccoli on his knee--cute but not as effective as a real ice pack would've been!