I've been tagged!

Wow- I got my first blog Tag! It comes from Lisa at Smell the coffee Lisa. If you haven't read her blog before, you really need to. Reading through her posts reminds me of sitting down talking with some of my friends; our conversations bounce all over the place and always leave me laughing!

The subject of today's tag is 5 things that make me happy. So here goes...

1.Watching Big Love- I admit it, I am a closeted Hendrickson sister-wife wanna-be. I had seen promos for the show, but didn't think much of it. But then one night I was alone on a trip and I had HBO in the hotel room. The Season 2 premiere was on. From that moment, I was hooked. When I got home from my trip, I told my husband we were ordering HBO, and I spent the entire weekend watching the first season on-demand. LOL. Now you know my dirty little secret!

2. The sky after a storm- I love to see the storm clouds blow out and the colors of the sunset. The summer storms in ******* can be quite intense, but there is something about the smell of the air once they've blown through that is so relaxing.

3. My Ipod- This little thing is always with me! I adore being able to carry my entire music collection, my latest photos, my calendar and phone book and the internet in something barely bigger than a credit card. The only drawback is that I have been caught on multiple occasions singing (off-key) to my favorite songs, totally oblivious to the fact I have an audience.

4. Chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes- They are small, bite sized and absolutely delectable.

5. My family- They may drive me nuts some days, but where would I be without them? Ok, besides the condo on the beach in Maui...

So now here is the fun part; I get to tag 5 more people. This is hard to chose because I follow so many great blogs. Hmmm....

1. Mrs. Jones
2. Brigetta @ Transparent Mama
3. Melinda @ Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent
4.Sheryl @ We are Never Alone
5.Erin @ Just a Day in the life of this mommy


SugarandSpice said…
Hey...I'm a Big love junkie too! Me and my husband both love it! Not to mention we both grew up in utah:)
Donna- Thanks for the tag although I am not so good at playing by the rules. Yummy- Trader's cookies. Can you bring some over now? It's just a little past midnight!
Tesa said…
I have the Ipod Shuffle and couldn't agree more. I don't know how I ever worked out before without it.

You have me very interested in Trader Joe's cookies. I will definitely keep my eye for them next time I'm there, they sound delicious!