Operation Organization Week 2: The Pantry

Ok, I admit last week I took it easy on myself by straightening up the linen closets. This week, I'm going to dive in to something a little more difficult for me: the pantry.

My pantry isn't that big, but it gets to be a jumble of boxes, bags and cans very quickly. To top it off, I have those nasty builder grade wire shelves that don't hold anything and are strategically spaced to not hold anything useful.

My goals for this week are simple:
  • Clear out the junk.
  • Arrange like items together.
  • Make the pantry more user friendly so my kids will put things away where they belong.
I have some great inspiration again this week from Thrifty Decor Chick. Here is her post about her pantry. I loooooove what she did with hers. I want it!


mub said…
Good luck with your pantry. My shelves are in stupid places too, but I got some baskets that will hang from the shelf above them and they're really great! I think I doubled my space where I'm using them =)
Kelly's Ideas said…
When you are down - you can come over here and do mine....my pantry is awful!!!

Lisa Anne said…
Good luck, check out my post from july I've found my Zen. You'll see the before an dafter pictures of how I organized my pantry. It's crazy how much room is created when you remove boxes and add a few jars here and there.

Melinda said…
Good luck, Donna! My pantry is definitely on my list of projects to tackle during this challenge. I'll use your "After" photos as inspiration! ;0)
Donna's Days said…
Lisa- I checked out your before and after pics from your pantry. That is exactly what I am going for!

I'd love to go hit Ikea for some glass canisters, but the closest one to me is over an hour and a half away. I think I'll try the dollar store first.