Operation Organization: Week 3

Over the last week, I under took cleaning out and organizing the pantry. It didn't come out exactly the way I had hoped. To begin with, I purchased some MDF to reinforce the shelves. Problem is I was off on my measurements... I'm about 1/2 an inch too long. I don't have a circular saw to remedy the problem, but I hope to get access to one in the next week or two.

Then, I wanted to paint a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint so I could make hanging grocery list. Strike 2. My chalkboard paint was dried out.

I also discovered I need more bins and storage containers. But at this point in time, I refuse to buy anything more. Part of this exercise is clean out and get rid of things.

Oh well. Things happen when you are undertaking projects, and you just have to run with what you've got. The end result isn't perfect, it isn't nirvana. But it is organized for now.

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

So here is the plan for next week: I'm going to do my laundry room. It's tiny, painted an overly bright yellow and has no storage. The dogs sleep in there at night. And for some reason, it is a catchall for everything in the house, even though it is out of the way. I can't believe I am going to actually show you this picture. Ugggh... Ok, here goes.

My game plan?
  • Clear out the extra junk.
  • Reinforce the shelving.
  • Add some darker colors to knock down the bright yellow.
  • Give myself someplace to store laundry baskets.

For more organizational inspiration check out Coming Clean: Confessions of an Imperfect Parent


Amber said…
I'm tackling my laundry room this week too! Your pantry looks good - even if it's not exactly what you'd envisioned. Good luck!
Lil' Ms. P said…
The laundry room...now that is an area that I should tackle during this battle. You may have inspired me to do this for week 4.
Christa said…
Every little bit helps, I know some days I can only clean up the surface areas, and others I can deep clean.

I don't think your laundry room is embarrassing at all! It's one of the cleaner ones I've seen lately!
Crystal said…
Looks good to me! Isn't it difficult that to really get things how you want you feel like you have to go buy stuff to get it that way? Way to go for not caving in that area!! GL this week!
Cindy said…
Way to go. I tackled my laundry room this week and actually enjoyed it. I never thought getting rid of stuff and organizing would make me feel so good. I have more stuff to drop off to the thrift store. My problem is is that I always find my way into the store and I never come out empty handed.
nikki said…
the more i do the more i want to get done. keep at it and everything will come together. can't wait to see your after!
Lisa Anne said…
The pantry looks really good. I'm sure your laundry room will look even better. I had fun cleaning my laundry room. I like the chalkboard idea to hang in the pantry so I an write down my grocery list. Ive been on a chalkboard kick so I'm so on top of that!!
Melinda said…
Your pantry looks amazing... in other words, nothing like mine! ;0)