Easy Fall Door Wreath

This is one of those easy-peasy lemon squeazy Fall craft projects that even I can do! Thank you Nester and Thrifty Decor Chick for giving me the inspiration to go ahead and try. All it took was some spray paint, a pre-cut letter from Wally world (in the craft department), a left over fall garland, a length of brown ribbon and an eye-hook.

I started by spray painting the wood letter gold (it blew me away that they make spray paint in so many colors... I know, I was a spray paint virgin before today!) After letting it dry, I screwed the eye hook in to the top and secured it with a dollop of glue from a hot glue gun (optional).

I tied the ribbon through the eye hook and let it drop about 6 inches down from my garland.


fall wreath door hanger initial gold spray paint from wal mart
My one of a kind, personalized fall door hanger for about $5.00! Best part is I will be able to take the initial off and put inside a Christmas wreath when it's time.

Now- anyone have any ideas what I can do with 3/4ths of a can of gold spray paint?


The Nester said…
Well done, it's charming!
Lisa Anne said…
I love it. I see things like this at michaels all the time and they are always so expensive. This is a great diy project and wonderful way to save money!
Kelli said…
Beautiful... and cheap!!!
Alison said…
use the gold paint on some pumpkins to put around your front door! So cute.
Alison's idea is perfect! Really looks great. Liking this intial craze. I just painted my front door and it's going to need a little somethin' somethin'.
Thank you for posting to the party. Your door decor is really adorable.