Always. Sometimes. Never.

I swiped this post idea from Jennifer at Hope Studios. When I made myself sit down and actually think about these things, it was harder than I thought it would be!

I Always:
Sing in the car. Loud. And off key.
Pick chocolate over vanilla.
Lose my cell phone at least once per day.
Watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" when it's on.
Sleep in late every chance I get.

I Sometimes:
Spend hours in the book store without buying anything, just because it's fun to look!
"Forget" to take out anything for dinner so my dh will offer to take us out (shhh.. don't tell him!)
Will pass the whole day curled up reading a book rather than doing the laundry.
Hold a grudge too long.
Pretend I don't hear the alarm so my dh will get up with the kids for school.

I Never:
Pass up desert.
Forget to look out my window and remember how beautiful the seasons are here.
Eat any thing green unless it's covered by some sort of dressing or cheese.
Pass up the chance to watch an old Cary Grant movie.
Remember to take my vitamins!


Lisa Anne said…
I think I might have to try this. I wouldn't know what to put though. I love the Great pumpkin charlie brown!
I love the always,sometimes, never. I never eat anything green unless it has dressing either.

Nice blog!