American Girl Disgrace

American Girl Doll "Gwen"

My daughter loves American Girl dolls. So do most of her friends. She loves the history and stories behind each and everyone.

The American Girl Company also prides itself on philanthropy. They say they support a multitude of children's charities.

So imagine my dismay when I read on the the Constant Complainer that one of the AG dolls, Gwen, is supposedly homeless. While it's not a life lesson I'm ready for my 8 year old to face, I could at least be supportive knowing that AG in it's infinite wisdom would be using the doll to help children in similiar situations. I'd be wrong. Of the doll's $95.00 price tag, none of it is earmarked for charities. I am appalled! I typed out a quick e-mail to AG to let them know how I feel about the situation:

Dear American Girl Company,
I am writing to inform you of my displeasure of something that has come to my attention. I have been informed that your doll, Gwen, is supposed to be homeless.

While I applaud the fact that you are bringing up this difficult fact of modern life, I am quite appalled to learn that none of the $95.00 purchase price of the doll is going towards any charity. For a company that prides itself in philanthropy, I find this to be quite hypocritical.

I suggest you do something to remedy this matter in the near future. A $10.00 per doll purchased donation to a homeless shelter would be a good start.


Mother of an American Girl

What do you think?


Lisa Anne said…
Good for you. I think it's neat that they touch on people being homeless. I think what you did is perfect. My brother is a teacher and one of his students was homeless. His parents got a divorce and all his mom had was their minivan. She had a full time job, but couldn't afford to rent an apartment because of past debt and stuff. They slept in their mini van and showered at the shelters.

Some people are homeless because they choose to be. While other are homeless due to divorce or loss of jobs and they could use money from charities to get them back on their feet.

Therefor I think it is wonderful that you wrote that letter!!