Foam Soap Refill

Cold and flu season is here again. And with that means more handwashing trying to prevent the spread of germs. Did you know there is a right way to wash your hands, and most people don't do it correctly? People tend to rush through the process, but in reality, it takes about 30 seconds of rubbing for handwashing to be effective. Need a timer? Imagine singing "Happy Birthday" to someone TWICE. (source: CDC "Wash Your Hands")

Now hand soap isn't that expensive, but when you are trying to save money, every penny counts. My kiddos like to use to use the more expensive foaming hand soap, but it doesn't go on sale very often. I've found a recipe for converting the regular hand soap or dish washing soap in to the foaming variety. Not only does it save $$$, it saves plastic from going in to the landfills because you re-use the bottle from the foaming soap (if you have the bottle from Pampered Chef, great. If not, I just saved you $10.00!)

Here's the recipe:

3 Tablespoons liquid handsoap or dish soap.
2/3 cup warm water.

Measure the soap in to the container. Slowly pour the water in and mix gently (don't shake or you will wind up with a foamy mess!)

foam soap refill homemade reuse your own bottle and save money

That's it! To make things easier on me, I marked the side of the containers with a line to show how much soap/water goes in each. That way when I'm in a hurry I don't have to measure things out carefully. I can't even tell you how long my huge refill bottle of soap has lasted- it's been around that long.

Now go wash your hands! It's almost time for dinner.


Sarah said…
I love it. I just finished a bottle of foaming dishwashing soap and couldn't figure out how to re-use it. Perfect timing.
Lisa Anne said…
Wow, I didn't realize that's all we were paying extra for. Thanks for the great tip!!
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