Fun Pumpkin Craft

Thing 3 has an awesome, creative teacher this year for 3rd grade. Like every third grade class, they have to write book reports, but her teacher likes to throw in a little twist to keep the kids interested. This month in addition to the written and oral portion, they were given the assignment of decorating a pumpkin as one of the characters from their chosen book.

Thing 3 chose to read a Junie B. Jones book. She drew up the plans for her pumpkin and we trounced down to Michael's (coupon in hand) to by her supplies. Other than using the hot glue gun to secure the glasses, she was able to do the entire project by herself. She used googlie eyes and felt, but painted faces would work, too.

She was so excited to complete this project that she's actually finished her book report a week early!

Now how cute is this? Can't you imagine doing this along another theme such as you favorite t.v. show (Hannah Montana anyone?) or an entire family of self-portraits?


Lisa Anne said…
Oh I'm loving it. What a great idea. They can't do stuff like that out here cause most of the parents are low income and wouldn't be able to afford the pumpkins and everything. I know it's sad cause that's a GREAT idea!