Frosted Windows for Christmas

♫ I'm dreaming of  a White Christmas♫ 

Well, maybe not like the one's I used to know since I grew up in San Diego.  But I do like the thought of fluffy white flakes and frosty windows on Christmas morning.   It does get cold here in Georgia, but I've yet to see it snow on cue...Fortunately, it's easy to replicate the look of snowy windows without having to move to the north pole or use lots of nasty aerosolized chemicals.

Making the frosted windows is also a great lesson in super solutions and crystallization.

To make this you will need:

1 1/2 Cups water

1 Cup Epsom Salt

3 Tablespoons  Liquid dish soap

Bring the water to a rolling boil in a sauce pan.  Slowly add the epsom salt (about 1/3 cup at a time) stirring until dissolved.   When all of the salt has been dissolved, add in the liquid dish soap. Remove from heat and allow the solution to cool.

To apply, start with a clean window (sorry) and use a terry cloth rag or paint brush to apply to windows.  Now, here is where you can get creative.  Apply to just around the edges, using a sweeping motion in the corner, or stipple it all over.  

To create big crystals, apply the solution thickly and let dry.  

To create smaller crystals, apply several coats of a thinner solution.  Before each layer is completely dry, take a crumpled tissue dipped in water and stipple over the surface again.

 When the season is over, just hose off the window and dry the normal way.  Easy Peasy!


wow! that's a great idea! i remeber when i was a kid in our country house windows were becoming like that naturally! i t was so beautiful! i just need to try it!
have a very sweet day!
Natalie Meester said…
i have these naturally as we live in the country with old windows!

However, once we get some new windows I'll still want the Jack Frost look.

Thanks for giving me the know how.

Anonymous said…
Looks really fun to do and the result is pretty! Sorry but what do you mean by 3 T. liquid dish soap? Because I'm a frenchspeacker so I'm wondering is it 3 spoons, 3 drops...
Debbie said…
How cool! You just have the best ideas!
Anonymous said…
3T is 3 tablespoons, about 45 cc.
Christy said…
Great idea! This would be a fun homeschool lesson for my boys too.

I shared a credited link in my post:
Unknown said…
This looks really cool! Does anyone know how hard it is to remove?