Donate to the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Fund

The news today is grim. Looking at the pictures coming out of Haiti and the total devestation that has occured there is heart breaking.

Current reports say that as many as 100,000 people may have lost their lives. That number is likely to grow as the days go on because of the lack of infrastructure. There is no running water, no electricity, no sewer system. Every hospital is damaged. Doctors Without Borders reported earlier today that they could not account for 800 volunteers they have placed there.

Now is the time to step-up. I know times are tight, but we each need to do SOMETHING! Can you spare a few dollars for the Red Cross? If not, could you at least offer up a prayer?

Thank you.


Lisa Anne said…
It's sad.

I live in california and we have been rocking and rolling here too. Last week where I live we had a pretty decent earthquake 4.1and then about 2hrs north from where I live we havd a really big earthquake the day after 6.5. Not as much damage as haiti, but it's still scary since we are due for an even larger one.

I'll never forget the large one in 1989 where so many people died. I just remember running out of the house seeing the light posts crash to the ground the road was moving like huge waves. EARTHQUAKES SUCK!
Donna said…
I was living in California during the 1989 and 1994 quakes. They were terrible. I can't imagine living someplace that doesn't have all of the support that the U.S. does when it comes to disaster services. We are truly blessed.
I did the cell phone donation and hubs did it online, it's easy either way so just do it! :)