Sew with Me - Little girls frilly, floral embellished T-shirt

I've been antsy about doing crafts again lately.  It's kind of a down time around here, no birthdays for the next couple months. No major holidays  (I don't count Valentine's day as major- maybe it's just me...)

My big project over the next week is making a poodle skirt for an upcoming Father-Daughter dance for little Diva.  She's really excited about it.  Hopefully, I'll get it done this weekend and blog about it next week.

In the meantime, I wanted to do a little sumpin, sumpin.  Wasn't sure what until I walked through wally world and found a bunch of t-shirts on clearance.  I've been seeing all these great embellished T's in the stores and on the net an knew it would be fun and easy to do on a cold afternoon.
I picked up two of the same color shirts because I wanted the tone on tone look.  These would look great in contrasting colors though, too.

Now, here is the hard part.  I had to sacrifice one of the T's to the Crafting Gods.  This hurt, but the results were so worth it- I assume they are pleased with the sacrifice. I cut out concentric 3 concentric circles for each flower.  I used diameters of 2 inches, 1.5 and 1.0 inches.  Because it's a jersey knit, you don't need to worry about finishing off the edges, they won't fray.

I used a piece of chalk to mark the circles. They don't have to be perfect (or even close).  But you do need to have at least 3 layers for each flower in order to get fullness.

Now, take your 3 circles layered together and fold them in half. Run a couple short stitches about mid way up the folded edge.

Now, fold the semi circle in half again until it is a quarter circle. Take another stitch or two near the corner point. (Ignore the bad manicure- I'm long over due for a touch up!)

I made a total of 10 flowers.  The number you need will be determined by how full you want the embellishment to be and how far up the neck you want them to run.

Because I had an even number, I marked the center of my shirt with a pin. I added a flower (unfurling it a little in the process) to each side of the pin until I was happy with the placements. 

To attach the flowers, stitch through from the inside of the shirt up through the center of the flower once or twice.  Then move outward from the back and place a stich or two through the outer layers to help open up the flower a bit.

A fun variation would be to add a larger flower in the center or to make the embellishment asymmetrical.  Next time.  I've got plenty of left over material to do a few more of these!

Ta da:  the Diva is pleased!  Did I mention before that she loooooves pink?  Just checkin...