Little Girl's Poodle ( Circle) skirt

Diva is off to a Father-Daughter dance tonight at her school.  It has a sock-hop theme, so I wanted to make her an appropriate costume.  Thankfully, the interwebs and wallyworld saved me again!

To make the skirt in a child's size small:

1 1/2 yards 45" wide fabric ($1.87/yard)
3 yards tulle ( 87 cents/yard)
1- 7 inch zipper
1 1/2 inch wide elastic
Applique (optional) 

String and Chalk

To make the skirt, figure out how long you want it to be.  For Diva, I wanted about a 19 inch drop, add 1 1/2 inches for seam allowance.  If your skirt is to be longer than this, you will need to purchase wider fabric.  Fold your fabric in half width wise and again length wise- you'll have 4 layers of fabric.

To figure out your waist measurement- because this is a circle skirt, you are going to need to dig back in to your brain for some high school geometry.  Her measurement was 17 inches.   Divide your measurement by 3.14 and then again by 2... write this down because you will forget this!

Now add the number from above to the length of the skirt.  Make sure  you have enough fabric!

Now, tie a piece of string to a pin.  Add a piece of chalk to the end of the string the distance you calculated for the waist (in my example, it was 2.7 inches).  Using the pin as a fulcrum, make a semi circle to mark the waist.

Repeat with a string long enough this time to make the bottom of your skirt.

Cut out your skirt through all 4 layers.  You will have a perfect circle with a hole in the middle!

To make the waist band:  Cut out a 4 inch wide strip of material long enough to go around the entire waist, plus about a 2 inch over lap.  Pin right sides of material together and attach waist band.  Fold waist band back on itself, press and stitch again to secure.

Now, you will need to cut a slit in your skirt to fit in your zipper.  I found it easiest just to cut the entire depth of the skirt, fold and hem and then insert my zipper- but use what ever method works for you. 

Hem skirt to desired length. Attach applique if desired.

To make tulle under skirt.  Fold tulle in half lenght wise.  Fold it again.  Run a double row of stitches along the long edge, about 2 inches down from edge.  Back stitch at both ends.  Take waist measurement.  Use a piece of elastic approximately 1 1/2 inches smaller than that measurement.  Secure at one end of casing with a safety pin and thread all the way through casing.  Sew both ends of elastic together securely.  Tulle under skirt can be seamed at opening if desired, but is stiff enough that you really don't need to do it.


EASY PEASY variation:
Skip the waist band and zipper, add two inches to the length of your skirt.  Fold back a 1 inch casing at waist and run elastic through it instead.  It's a whole lot easier and faster!