Big Love: Big Let Down

It's no secret that I've been a huge fan of the HBO show Big Love since I saw my first episode.  I'll even admit to only ordering HBO just to get the season, and then canceling it afterwards. I so looked forward to Season 4 because of the intensity of the past 3 seasons.  I even have my husband hooked on the show; making him sit with me for DVD marathons just to feed my additction.

So when I first saw the previews for Season 4 back around Christmas time, I got really excited.  Would anyone find out that Joey had killed Roman?  Was Barb finally going to call Bill out for his hypocrisy? Would Nikki and CaraLynn be accepted back in to the fold?  Was Bill really going to run for public office and risk the family being outed publicly?

And the first episode absolutely lived up to my expectations.  The whole homage to "Weekend at Bernies" with Roman's body being kept sitting up in the freezer and being shuffled back and forth between the compound and the casino was hilarious.  JJ was proving to be a suitably creepy villain. And Sarah was finding a voice to her opposition to her family's lifestyle.

But then the show took on a "jumping the shark" tone.  Bill got very patriarchal and condescending.  Margene was as clueless and self centered as always. And Barb became the long suffering (and in my opinion) mentally and emotionally abused wife. Then came the next disappointment; the season was only going to be 9 shows this year.

So began a frantically paced sprint of half-baked episodes with plot lines and twists worth of the worst telenovelas. Sissy Spacek made a great multi-episode guest appearance as a political shark.  But come on, if she was as good as she was supposed to be, she would have sniffed out Bill's polygamy and quashed his political aspirations before he even got out of the gate. Long standing story lines were left swinging in the wind and a cheesy love triangle is being set up between Anna, Margene and Goran.

In the cheesiest scene yet, Bill gives his State Senate acceptance speech and takes the hands of his 3 wives, conveinently dressed in Red, White & Blue. "I'm Bill Hendrickson. And I believe in the covenant of plural marriage."

I'm Donna.  And I believe I'll change the channel.


And the wind was blowing in their hair and the music swelled...cheesy. I agree. What in the world happened this season and why so short?
I haven't seen and Jennifer are funny.

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Lisa Anne said…
I've never seen and don't think I'll be adding it to my DVR list.