Doctors perform cesarean on non-pregnant woman

Doctors Induced and Performed Cesarean on Non-Pregnant Woman - The Unnecesarean -

I've spent a lot of time in delivery rooms as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse. I've also spent more than a few hours in them as a patient during my own deliveries. I've got crazy stories to tell. Some with happy endings, some not.

None of those stories come close to the one coming out of North Carolina where two doctors performed an induction, and then when that failed, a cesarean section on a woman who was NOT EVEN PREGNANT!


Even my non-medical field husband asked "don't they usually hook you up to a fetal monitor when you are in labor?" Wouldn't the absence of fetal heart tones been a clue that something was wrong? Wouldn't an ultrasound then shown there was no fetus? The answer to both those questions is yes. That is, if the people who are charged with providing medical care had actually done their jobs and followed protocols.

There are no excuses for this happening. I'm angry at the doctors. I'm angry at the nurses. I'm angry at the L&D techs who participated in this case. This was shoddy medicine at it's worst. The doctors involved are trying to blame it on what is obviously a mentally ill patient who convinced them she was pregnant and requested a c-section. Once again- HELLO! I can walk into a hospital and request that the doctors there take off my right arm. If there aren't medical indications for it, they shouldn't be doing it.


That's the basic tenet of medicine. We all know it. Why weren't protocols followed? Why are the doctors involved being defended by the hospital and the licensing board? Because when push comes to shove, it's still a good old boys network out there. And as the patient, you are the one who rolls the dice with your health and hopes that you come up with people who give a damn about good care.

Sad but true.


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Yikes! So many questions. Unreal.