Summer Time Blues

I'm an aberration, I know. Most people look forward to summer and doing all sorts of fun things. Not me. At least not this year.

I miss the structure of the school year. I miss going to bed at a set time and getting up before noon. I miss not having to listen to Red Dead Redemption being blared from the surround sound. I miss having a few hours to myself each day.

I wasn't always this way. I used to love summer vacations. And maybe that's the point. I miss vacations. We aren't going anywhere again this year. No $$ to do so. Even day trips are out of my budget. Instead, I have grumpy, bored kids and a hubby who is getting on my nerves. I can get no more than one of them to agree to anything at any given time. Everything from going to the pool, to what's for dinner to what movie to watch has become a debate.

I feel guilty for not being able to give my kids the same things I had as a child. No out of town grandparents to go visit. No summer days at the beach. No trips to the Zoo or Sea World or even better, Disney Land. No camping with friends.

Instead, right now I have 5 people in 5 different rooms attached to various forms of electronics. I worry about what my kids will remember when they get older. Sigh. Nothing like feeling like a lousy parent to make these days seem even longer.

When does school start again?