Craft Envy

I'm officially in lust. I've admitted many times here that I have a serious case of crafter's envy.  I can spend hours on the internet looking at all these crafty, talented women out there who can whip up picture perfect crafts seemingly effortlessly.
Well, I found out some of these women have a secret.  They've got help!
And not just any help.  Professional help.

They have the Silhouette. Sigh.  Isn't she beautiful?

I've been staring at the website and dreaming of all the things I could do if I had one of these on my craft table.

If I were lucky enough to have one, I could add real die cut images to my scrap book pages- not my cobbled cutouts that would make Rorschach proud.

I could make my own vinyl wall words with sayings that actually APPLY to my family.

Etched glasses for gifts. Stenciled fabrics. Titles for my kid's science project boards that don't look like the dog ate them first...

I want one of these beautiful machines.  I'd stand on my head to get one of these machines (which would be quite a feat, since I'm more than a little bottom heavy).  I would hint broadly to my husband (you know, subtle stuff like leaving ads for one all over his desk... telling my 9 year old to tell daddy that one of these would make Mommy sooooooo happy for Christmas...) I'd skip my car payment to get one. Ok, maybe I'll draw the line there. I kind of need my car to get me to the craft store so I can buy more of that lovely vinyl...

Right now, you can win one over on Cheryl's Tidy Mom blog.  Wander on over and give it a go.  And while you are there, make sure you check out the rest of her site.  She's got a recipe for peanut butter frosting that sounds positively decadent!

I may have a lot of  hinting to do.  So in the mean time, I'm just going to keep dreaming about this wonderous item. And I'll keep being envious of all you naturally (or maybe not so naturally) crafty women out there.