Making School Night Routines that work -WFMW

By nature, I'm someone who hates routines. Maybe it's because no matter how well planned out I think I have something, life always intervenes and causes chaos.  I've tried and failed at the FLY-Lady system more times than I can count. 

But what DOES work for me is a set of School Night Routines that we put in to place to make school mornings so much easier.

Every School Night:
  • Backpacks cleared out and trash thrown away
  • Homework done before playtime or dinner
  • Daily agenda's signed, homework folder signed.
  • Lunches made for next day - everything cold in fridge, room temp in to lunch box
  • Backpacks hung on pegs in garage, any library books, permission slips, etc. in front pocket
  • Weather checked. Clothes laid out for next morning- is it a PE day, then tennis shoes get pulled out.
Because my kids (and myself) are not morning people, having all of this done the night before gives us an extra 15 minutes of sleep time and cuts down on morning "where's my homework" frenzy.

School Routines work for us.


Shelly said…
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