Menu Plan Monday 9/14/2010

It seems life keeps getting away from me lately.  I had such high hopes for all the things I was going to get done this summer, yet none of it ever materialized.

This week, my plan is to have meals I can either make early in the day and then throw on the table, or meals I can make in 30 minutes or less. So on that note:

Monday: Tuna Pasta Salad
Tuesday: Quickie Beef Stroganoff, Broccoli
Wednesday: Cheese Enchiladas, Spanish Rice and Beans
Thursday: Spaghetti Carbonara, salad - this week, I'm going to try the version I saw on Mommy's Kitchen
Friday: Pepperoni Calzones, Green Salad
Saturday: Chicken Pot Pie
Sunday: Chili Colorado, tortillas

Breakfasts will be the normal:
Scrambled Eggs and Toast
Blueberry Muffins
Cold Cereal

Mostly left overs and cold sandwiches, fruit.

So what are you cooking this week?  For more menu ideas, go to Laura's Site