Menu Plan Monday 8/30/10

Menu Plan Monday

Back to school. Back to after school activities. This time of year is always chaotic for me. This is when having plans and simple routines in place always come in handy.

There is a lot going on for me this week. My mom is having surgery today. Tomorrow I take a CPR class to get me ready for my return to Girl Scouts as a leader of a Junior Troop. We've instituted a "family game night" and attendance is mandatory. The first home game for the Wolverines is this Friday. So lots to do, and quick meals are a must.

PB toast with OJ
Scambled eggs with toast
Cold cereal


Monte Cristo Sandwiches with green salad
Crock Pot Roast Beef with brocolli
Pepperoni Calzones with antipasto salad
Quiche Lorraine with fruit salad
Manacotti with salad and foccacia
White Chicken Chili with corn bread
Chicken Fried Rice

What's on your menu this week?  Go find more great ideas at Laura's Blogs


Nichole said…
I love Monte Cristos! That sounds like a delicious week.
Annie said…
I, too, find this time of year crazy! With four children ages 10 & under returning to school, a new Girl Scout year beginning (I also lead a Junior troop), working outside the home, being a friend, wife, sister, daughter, blogger... the list of tasks is never-ending. I enjoy your blog & look forward to future posts.

Annie at Maximum Chaos