Works for Me Wednesday-

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had added a new puppy to our already hectic life. Rhett is now a 6 month old bundle of Yorkie energy and Charisma. Hubby never liked small dogs. He thought they were pretty much "rats with hair" to use his terminology. All that changed though once he realized that Rhett is really a Rottweiler in a Yorkie body. Funny, fast, and all attitude. So it kind of took me by surprise when he started asking when we were going to add a Miss Scarlett to our brood.

We knew that our next pet would come from a rescue or shelter. The things I had been reading on puppy mills sickened me. And back yard breeders have no over sight in whether or not they are breeding for the good of the breed. And so, I would scroll through the pages of , knowing that once I was ready Miss Scarlett would appear.

And appear she did. 6 weeks ago, I saw the sweetest face. Something about her said "Why haven't you come to get me yet, mom?" I showed her picture to my husband who immediately said "go for it". I submitted an application, worried that we wouldn't be deemed "good enough" for this sweet little girl. When the tentative approval came through, you would have thought we had won the lottery. We drove up to Tennessee to meet the little lady, still not sure whether or not we would be coming home with her. We took Rhett with us, because he would be the deciding factor.

Long story short, we now have our Miss Scarlett. She's 3 months old now  And feisty- she fully lives up to her name sake. And growing like a weed- she was 1 pound 6 oz when we got her, and she's grown to 3 pounds 8 oz as of Saturday.

She's a cutie, don't you think? works for me!