Weight Watchers Anyone?

Well, I finally decided I needed help with my weight loss (or rather, lack there of). So yesterday I joined Weight Watchers.  And I just have to say, that 24 hours in, I'm already climbing the walls! 

I hate vegetables.  I like cheese. I love chocolate. 

So basically, I can't eat anything that I actually enjoy eating.  None of my freezer meal recipes will work with the program. 

Sigh.  I'm going to be a joy to be around.  Stay tuned for my rants and gripes that are sure to follow this decision.

Inside me, there's a skinny woman screaming to get out.  But usually, I can shut her up with a cookie.


Alwayzbakin said…
You poor thing. I've been on WW before and I did lose weight. It's a great plan. Once you get past the first or second week, you should start to feel better. It's not easy. Good Luck!!
So... how is it going? Best wishes.