The thrill of the hunt- Cyber Monday

I have a confession. I don't do malls. I'm not one of those people who can face standing in line all night to possibly get one of the two laptops on sale at the electronics store. I don't like elbows in the face, arguing over who saw something first, or the inevitable "well I saved so much on this, that I can afford to buy that, too." I will, however, sit in the comfort of my kitchen with a cup of tea and hit the keyboards hard on Cyber Monday.

The tradition started for me back when my middle daughter was about 3. There just wasn't time to go to the mall, or especially Toy's 'r Us. Not to mention that she had a tendency to blab to everyone about what I had purchased as a "surprise" (it took her awhile to learn that concept!) Enter, out of despertation, my computer. That year I did all my Santa shopping in one evening. 2 hours and I was done. I didn't have to brave the malls, or worse, the parking lots. I had everything shipped to my mom's so that my own little elves wouldn't get suspicious. I got really lucky and the big elves over there even wrapped everything for me. How could I beat it? No traffic, no crowds, free shipping. It was a win-win-win for me. I've been hooked ever since.

Even though my 3 are growing up, I still prefer this way of shopping. Nearly every site has free shipping, and the few that do charge are generally things I would have paid shipping for any way because they don't have local stores.

You can start making your list now. Google "Cyber Monday" and you will find lots of links to websites that are listing some of the sales going on. Check out Twitter and Facebook for other links. To get you started, Kristin over at We are THAT Family has a post that is letting everyone know about a special sale going on at Silhouette America on their awesome craft cutting machine. I have to have one of these!!

So, spend this weekend resting up your fingers. And I'll see you in the cyber-spere on Monday.