Christmas Pillows from Placemats


I love Christmas. More specifically, I love decorating for Christmas. Lights, wreaths, garlands and stockings make my heart go pitty pat. This year, I wanted to add a few throw pillows to the mix. I found quite a few cute ones at Kohls, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, but they were a little pricey. Most ran about $15.00 a piece. Cute, but not worth it for something that stays in a box in the basement for 11 months out of the year.

While drooling over a few at Target, I noticed that they had a large selection of Christmas placemats on sale for 40% off. Light bulb!

I took my new treasures home and split one side seam about 6 inches.

I stuffed the pillows with polyfil. You can play with different amounts until you find what feels right to you. One word of advice, don't over stuff it or you will find it difficult to match the seam back up when you go to close the pillow.

I pinned the seam back together and stitched it back up. You will need to sort of mash the filling to the side while you are stitching to help the seam lie flat. I stitched from edge to edge and made sure to back stitch at the beginning and end.

Easy Peasy and oh so cute. 2 brand new decorator pillows for about half the cost of a single one else where.


Nima said…
Brilliant idea and thank you for sharing. I would love to invite you for a christmas pillow linky party in my blog. Please do come and join with your lovely pillow idea. Thank you