Tuesday Tutorial- Glass etching made easy with my Silhouette SD

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I have a new toy! It's called a Silhouette. It does the COOLEST things.

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It cuts paper, vinyl (for wall words), creates sequin patterns and so much more. I just got it yesterday so I haven't had a chance to play with it a whole lot yet. But right off the bat, I knew I wanted to create some stencils so I could etch some glass.

If you remember last year, I gave you the recipe for some bath salts. I knew that this year I would be making them again, so I wanted to pretty up the canning jars I give them in. I also wanted to make some etched glass ornaments with initials for my daughter to give to her friends.

Using my Silhouette and the software that comes with it, I created and cut some stencils out of contact paper.

I adhered the paper to the glass and tried my best to smooth out any bubbles. HINT: Although I didn't think about it at the time, cursive letters are kind of a pain with all of the cut-out areas. I will probably stick to block letters until I get more proficient at this. You will see in some of my pics, I forgot to adhere the little loops and cutouts, so some of my letters look a little strange.

craft,sihlouette,bath salt, diy,glass etching,gifts

After getting a good seal, I applied a thick coat of Armour Etch cream (you can find it at Michael's). Although the directions say to leave it on for just 60 seconds, I found that it took a good 5 minutes to get a look that I wanted

After you are done with the etching, scrape the remaining cream back in to the bottle to reuse. Wash glass under running water. Peel off stencil and Voila! Your very own personalized etched glass.

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

My pictures don't show you the finished projects. I'll unveil those in a couple of days.