2011 Goals for my Home

Home Sweet, Disorganized Home

The Nester challenged us to come up with goals for our home this year. That's a new concept for me, I've just always kind of winged my projects. But, at her urging, I decided to sit down and come up with a few concrete goals.

1.  I will get my dining room table back and stop using it as a catch-all for unfinished projects.
2.  I will find a paint color for Pumpkin's room that we both can live with.  And I will put up real curtains in her room.
3.  I will finish the trim in the bonus room in Diva's bedroom.
4.  I will organize my craft area in the unfinished basement.
5.  I will clean and organize my bedroom closet.  I'm tired of having things fall on my head.
6.  I will play with the furniture layout in the family room until I finally get one I like.
7.  I will get some useful lighting in the family room.
8.  I will either paint or refinish the coffee table in the dining room.
9.  I will find an end-table for Diva's room.
10.I will get my bedroom turned in to an inviting sanctuary.  No more piling stuff on the dresser and allowing the dogs to use it as their personal chewing spot.

So, those are my goals.  It's a lot to do, but I figure if I take it one spot at a time it will be do-able.  What are your home goals this year?  Go check out the other posters over at the Nester for more ideas.