Adventures in Couponing

One of my goals this year is to get my grocery budget back under control. In order to do that, I am combining couponing with stockpiling.  I had a good trip to Publix yesterday.  I had a 48% over all savings on my trip, even though I needed some things that I didn't have coupons for and weren't on sale. 

I spent $67.69 and saved $63.48.  Some of my best deals were the Stay Frees (75 cents a piece!), toothpaste for 50 cents, 2 free boxes of band aids, 2 free 4-packs of yogurt and a free jar of Visine eye wipes.

To keep track of my savings and spending, I've created a simple spread sheet.

If you find it helpful, you can download it for free here:
Savings Tracker (Excel 2010 Version)
Savings Tracker (Excel 97-2003 Version)