Fabulous Finds #2

It was another good week in the blogosphere. Lots of great tutorials out there. Here are a few of my favorites from the week.

Shannon and Jill from Our Seven Drawfs shared a recipe for sour dough bread starter and a bread recipe. I am dying to try this one. My mom had one going for ages in her kitchen. We even named the starter "Herman". No, I don't know why we named the starter, but I do know that Herman was very, very tasty.

Jen over at Iron Violet Designs created a Pottery Barn Inspired Candle. She used sheet music as her inspiration, but I think it would look as lovely with a page from a favorite book or a poem.

 From My Tiny Kitchen shared directions for a Grilled Pizza. Doesn't that look delicious? My family is a bunch of pizza fanatics.  I'm dying to try this one when we can make our way to the snow covered grill again.

And finally, Sew 4 Home posted directions for a simple 9 pocket door caddy.  I've been wanting one for my coat closet door.  But all the ones in the stores are too wide for my dinky  compact closet.  I  have some cute fabric remnants in my basement that I'm going to drag out to make one.

What inspired you this week?


Thanks so much for featuring our Sourdough Bread Starter & Recipe!

You probably named it Herman as there are many "Herman" Sourdough Starters.

Thanks again for the comment and the feature!
Jen said…
You are so sweet to feature my PB Inspired candles! I agree with you, these could look so great with a book page or poem.