Happy 1-1-11 Free Organizer/ Calendar from Get Organized Wizard

Happy New Year's Day, everyone.  There is just something special about the new year.  The calendar page is switched over and a whole year blank with promise awaits.

Like every year, I say I am going to get organized or meet some goal.  In years past, I haven't exactly made it.  I think for me, the reason is that I've set goals that were too big and I had no way of meeting them.  So this year, my biggest goal is creating do-able goals.  Planning, planning, planning.  As the saying goes "When you fail to plan, you plan to fail".

To help me with my planning, this year I am turning to Michelle Connolly at getorganizedwizard.com/blog .  She has a very detailed calendar she calls the Goals and Priorities Diary that may help us actually meet our goals this year.  And right now, she's offering it for free if you just "like" her Facebook Page.  The diary is downloadable, interactive and printable.  Did  I mention it's totally FREE?  Just enter the following code as you go to check out FBGPD2011.

Make your first Goal of 1-1-11 to download and start using the guide.  Here's to a more productive and organized 2011.