Recipe review- Sour Dough Bread and Cinnammon Rolls

Last week I found a recipe from Our Seven Drwarfs for a sour dough bread that I wanted to try. All I can say is "I'm soooooo glad I did!". The starter was easy to make, and it amused my kids with the sounds it gave off while fermenting. Patience is so not my strong point, and the starter requires 5 days before it's ready to use, but it's worth it. In the last 6 days, I've made 2 different batches of dough that were used for bread and the cinnammon roll recipe. If you were even thinking about trying it, just break down and DO IT!

These were the Cinnammon Rolls from the first batch. They were ooey, gooey and absolutely delicious. They got rave reviews from my kids, dh and even my parents.

Don't count calories- just enjoy!
Here are the mini-loaves of bread I made today.  The original directions call for baking for 40 minutes.  Because I used the mini-loaf pans, I found 30 minutes to be perfect.

The bread is light in texture with a crispy crust and a slightly sweet taste to it.   Thanks so much for sharing it Jill!


Donna-Thanks for sharing my recipe! Your mini-loaves look fantastic. I should try that next time. You also make me want to make some cinnamon rolls again. Oh yum! I am so glad you liked the recipe!

~jill of