Snow Days!

We are still snowed in, or rather iced in. The storm ended up dumping about 7 inches on us, which was fine. What's not fun is the layer of ice caused by the freezing rain that came in behind it. Roads are impassable. The schools are closed again tomorrow. I seriously doubt we will be getting out of here much before Friday.

I'm so glad for my meal planning and stockpiling. I may run low on some stuff, but I don't have anything missing.

So all, we can do here is play in the snow. Stay warm and dry. And curl up with a good book. Hmmmm... maybe these snow days aren't so bad after all.
Ok, it was fun the first time, but this up to the chest stuff is getting ridiculous.

Please, please, please...can we go inside now?

Don't I look adorable in my pink coat?

After the freeze comes the thaw.

My less than graceful exit off the sled.


SugarandSpice said…
I hate the snow! You would think I would try and get out of utah huh? Just glad we are not snowed in. At least you have the computer:)