Sneak Peak at my new project (and help needed!)

Diva (who want's her new nickname to be Bubblez (with a backwards 'z') has the misfortune of being the youngest of 3. That means she has inherited a lot of mismatched, hand me down furniture. But one thing she didn't get is a bedside table. She's currently using a 50 gallon plastic paint bucket from HD to store her stuff on. I know, I know, bad momma.

I've been on the look out for a couple of side tables to refinish. I didn't want anything new because I want to use them as a test subject for repainting all her other mismatched stuff. After much searching, I finally found two at a local junk store.

Lovely, no?
Ok, not really at first glance. But take a closer look.

Much prettier now, aren't they?

There are a couple of problems I'm hoping you can help me solve.  The first is how to get off those lovely stickers that cover the front drawers.

Any suggestions on a good adhesive remover?

The next problem is that the tops are type of laminate over press board.  I know I will need to sand them down, but what is the best type of primer to cover everything in before I paint?  I'm open to any and all suggestions.


Carla said…
Goo Gone for you sticker glue. It works great.
Jessica said…
We use Goo Gone for the stickers on the dressers.
Mrs. Jones said…
Hi friend! Sorry I didn't reply sooner.
First, to get stickers off I use peanut butter. I peel the top layer of the sticker off and then get a wash cloth with a little bit of peanut butter and rub the goop off. It works every time!

Love that furniture. I try to avoid sanding, but it will turn out better if you do. Lightly sand the wood and sand the laminate a little more. Just use a basic primer (Kilz?), white if the paint is lighter, and grey if the paint is black or dark. I paint the crevices with a paint brush and the rest I paint with one of those miniature sponge rollers. They rock! I use Behr paint, and I almost always distress because it has to be less perfect that way. Also, it takes a while to cure after you paint, so give it a month before you abuse it. Be gentle before that. You can put a coat of polyeurowhatever over the paint if you want it extra tough, but I never do that unless it is a desk top that is getting a lot of abuse. If you're courageous enough to use oil-based paint, that will give you an even tougher finish, but I have never tried that stuff.

Let me know how it goes!