This is how my day is going...

This is my work space right now.

See the papers all over the kitchen table?  See the desk that's covered in too much junk to work on in the back ground?  Can you see why nothing gets done easily in my house?

DH is starting his own business, which means, by extension, I am his secretary, book keeper, consultant and whipping boy.  This morning he needed siding samples sent from a vendor to a partner in San Diego.  That meant me wading through websites trying to find the right form to get the right products sent.  That's normally not a difficult thing for someone if they at least know a little bit about the business.  But remember, I'm a nurse by trade, not an architect.  It took several rounds of "what type of siding?" "7 or 8/5 inch reveal?" "cedar or pine?" and  "what type of stone?" to get the order right.  Seriously, if he had done it himself it would have taken 5 minutes instead of the 30 it took me. 

Next came the emails. Low and behold,  I couldn't open the page for the emails because he didn't remember his password.  Some how or another, that was my fault.  Because, somehow, the password works just fine on his computer but not mine.  He didn't believe me when I told him it's because the password is stored on his computer and blackberry, so all he has to do is hit 'enter' and he gets in.  Nope, he's convinced I somehow messed up his passwords.   So, it takes another 20 minutes to reset all the passwords and change them in his blackberry.    By this time, I'm getting a little peeved.  Now,  I'm not a fast typist by any means, even less so since I hurt my wrist.   But DH forgets those kind of things when he starts dictating.  It took several rounds of "slow down" and "what was that part about Cal Trans, again?" before we finally got things right.  At least, I thought we had things right.  He didn't know the email address of the landscaper he wanted the whole thing sent to.  He had a website address, but no email.  So I had to call the office.  New problem: there is a 3 hour time difference between the East and West coasts.  Some how, I'm to blame for that, too, because there is no one there to answer the call. Sigh.

Now, on to my own problems.  See all the pink on the computer screen?  Those are my appointments this week. Dress rehearsals for school plays, orthodontist appointments, etc.  In the middle of all that pink, I need to find out exactly when I'm supposed to pick up 2000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  My delivery confirmation slip says Tuesday, Feb. 16th.  Except, today is Tuesday and it's only the 15th.  Another round of panicked phone calls ensue, only to find out that we have been changed to Thursday at 4:00.  Hence the new problem; our Girl Scout meeting is at that same time.   Now I have to try and round up parents to help me pick up cookies and cover the meeting.  This isn't going to be fun.  I still can't get them to cover all of the spaces for the booth sales that our leader signed us up for.  And if the spots aren't covered, guess who gets to sit out there in the cold during those empty spots?  Yup, me.  I'm never, ever, ever volunteering to help with cookie sales again. 

So, here I sit, at 1:30 in the afternoon, still in my PJ's.  Literally nothing has been done around the house.  I don't have my stuff even out of the freezer for dinner.  The dog has pee'd on the floor because I didn't see him to the potty dance during the frantic phone calls. The sweet little girl dog has chewed through the corner of a throw pillow while I wasn't looking.

I think I'm going to get Diva off the school bus (after I put on some clothes, of course) and then crawl back in to bed.  Maybe I'll try this all over again, tomorrow.  Or maybe not.