Reaching out to help from half a world away

I was going to post a funny picture about gas prices today. At least, that was my plan when I went to bed last night. But this morning I awoke to news that knocked the jolly right out of me.

Of course I am talking about the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The images are horrific and one can only imagine the panic and sense of helplessness the people of Japan must be feeling right now.

As a nurse, my first and strongest instinct is to try and help; but how from this distance? Though it isn't nearly enough, we can all donate to the relief efforts. The Red Cross has a donation page up here.   You can also donate through text messaging by sending "REDCROSS" to 90999; a $10.00 donation will appear on your cellphone bill.

American Red Cross

Save the Children is also mobilizing efforts to help with the youngest victims of today's disaster.

AmeriCares is requesting donations to help with medical supplies for the area.

Please keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers.