WFMW- An easy way to corral plastic bags

In Georgia, we still have plastic bags available at the grocery stores.  They haven't started charging us for them yet, although the legislature is kicking around the idea.  I try to use the cloth bags, but sometimes I forget or I have more things than my regular bags can hold.   I hate to throw them away, so I try to reuse them around my household. That means a lot of plastic bags gather under my sink.

Enter the lowly tissue box.  I don't know about you, but I go through a lot of these every winter.  It dawned on me a few weeks ago that the box would make a great way to contain and dispense the bags as I needed them.

The box stashes neatly under my sink. The small box holds about a dozen bags easily, which is just enough to keep me in free trash bags.  Anything more than that just gets messy to me.

A recycled plastic bag holder works for me.

I'll be sharing this post over at Kristin's We are THAT Family and with Jennifer over at Hope Studios.


Anonymous said…
That's a GREAT idea!! I mostly use cloth, but will use the plastic when I need them to line the bathroom trash cans in my boys bathroom. They make GREAT liners! Kim B.
'Becca said…
Good tip! My family uses cloth bags almost all the time, yet somehow we are always overrun with plastic bags anyway--where do they all come from??

Another thing you can do with an empty tissue box is fill it with squares cut from old cotton knit clothing such as T-shirts. Use them instead of tissues, wash, and put back in the box. They are better than tissues in so many ways!
krafting kelly said…
Great idea! Thanks for the tip.