Works For Me Wednesday: Minimizing the soapy sink mess

Bad picture, but you get the idea.

Ideally, I wouldn't have anything around my sink,  I prefer a clean look around it.   But laziness practicality commands that I have hand and dish soap around my sink at all times.  The problem with that is they always leave a soapy film mess on my dark granite, making it look even messier than it is. I needed a way to keep the soap from spreading all over my counter and back splash.

Enter the lowly used, recycled frozen dinner dish.  It's small enough to fit on the space behind the sink, yet big enough to hold a container of dish soap as well as hand soap. The fact that it was a dark color meant it blends in to my counter tops, too.  If you have other colored counters, you could always use a decorative spray paint to make it match your decor.  Krylon makes one that looks like brushed nickle as well as many other colors.

Now, the drippy messes fall in to the dish instead of the counter.  And it's easy to clean the dish along with my regular dish load when it does become too messy. 

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