Adventures in Couponing: Friday Finals 4/23

Finally breaking the 50% barrier!

Yes, I know I'm actually posting this on Saturday, but it's been a busy week.
There were some good sales this week at Publix. BOGO's plus coupons resulted in an average of 60% savings this week.

My first trip included 88 items, including 6 boxes of Dishwasher detergent, for a grand total of $101.93 plus tax with a savings of $163.86.  My second trip to another Publix (for items the first one was out of last week) including 2 free bottles of mustard and 2 free body washes was a grand total of $10.70 plus tax with $16.02 in savings.

But my favorite buy of the week was at CVS.  I bought 2 Olay Regenerist creams, using left over CVS bucks and a $3.00 coupon (for my birthday).  In addition to the $3.00 off coupons I had for the creams, I had another coupon for a free Cover Girl lipstick with each Regenerist product.  By buying $10.00 in Cover Girl products, I got an extra $3.00 in CVS bucks.  So, I got paid $3.00 for taking home two free tubes of lipstick.  Love those kind of deals!


SugarandSpice said…
Whenever I read your blog, I always feel like we could be friends if we lived closer:) I think we have alot in common!!!

Yeah for you:) I love couponing and saving money.....especially when you get paid to take stuff out of the store!!! We do not have a Publix here, but every time I see their deals posted on sites I always wish we had one. I also wish we had a Safeway and a CVS.