My week just keeps getting more interesting...

* Gross post alert- Read at your own risk*

So yesterday I posted about my adventures in bed making. Today, life with my dogs has once again thrown me for a loop.

Scarlett, my 11 month old Yorkshire Terrier, was quite restless all night. This morning, she woke up with an upset tummy which she shared all over my living room floor. She also had some diarrhea. Upon cleaning it up, I noticed something in the mess that was yellow-brown and about 4 inches long. It looked like a worm. Gross.

I dutifully scooped it up and put it in a plastic baggie to take to the vet's office. I didn't want to examine it too closely because, frankly, it was disgusting.

When I arrived at the vet's office, I handed the baggie to the vet tech. My too my chagrin, she started laughing hysterically.

Scarlett had not passed a worm.

She had eaten and passed a SILLY BAND. Silly Bandz, if you are lucky enough not to know, are thin plastic bracelets that come in different shapes and colors. They clog up vacuum cleaners and cause little girls to break down in to tears if they don't have the "right" type.

Cute going in. Not so cute coming out.

I'm glad I provided a bit of amusement for my Vet's office today.