Works for Me Wednesday: Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner

Is your vacuum not working as well as it once did? If you've checked to make sure that there is no blockage in the uptake tube then the culprit could be a worn down or matted beater brush.

Hair, threads and even the occasional lose ribbon gets wrapped around the brush, making it less effective at kicking up the dust and dirt.  If left, it will eventually wear the brush completely down.

Luckily, there is an easy fix and it's located right in your sewing box. The lowly seam ripper. Just use the seam ripper to cut through all the junk and pull it out.

Your brush will look &work (almost) as good as new in no time.

I'll be linking this post to We Are That Family WFMW post.


Thia said…
I usually tackle my vac with a good pair of kitchen scissors, but I will definitely keep this in mind to get the smaller stuff that I usually leave b/c I'm "done" with it. I'm actually getting ready to research vacs and see if I can find something better to avoid this mess!