Mom gives her 8 Year-Old Botox

Did you see this on Good Morning America? When I first heard about the story, I was in disbelief. After seeing the video, I am incensed, both as a mother and as a nurse. To me, this falls squarely in to the category of child abuse.

Tell me what you think.


SugarandSpice said…
WHAT THE??????????? I seriously cannot believe a mother would do this. She thinks that its helping her be confident? What about later on in life? I think that this is sick and wrong. My own daughter is actually 8. I feel bad for this girl who is being robbed of a real childhood. My daughter has expressed interest in pageants and I have never wanted her to do them. I am always afraid that they will rip her down and point out things that they think are imperfect and make my daughter feel bad about herself. She plays the violin and is amazing at it, and I watch how much confidence it gives her. This little girl is adorable and they should be harnessing her "confidence" in a different way. I am still shocked by this.