Pool Party Scavenger Hunt ideas

Scavenger hunts were always a favorite party game of mine as a kid. My neighborhood is having a pool opening party this weekend. My job was to come up with a scavenger hunt for the kids. I wanted to keep the items pool/summer related so the kids would stand a decent chance of being able to find things.

Because of the number of kids we are expecting today, I decided against having the kids actually collect the items, but to get a signature from the owner of the item instead.

Prizes for the winners include diving sticks, water guns, water balls, a kick board, sunglasses and swim googles.

I hope the kids have a good time.

Here are the items they need to findScavenger hunt:

1. A Straw
2. Ziplock bag
3. Fish shaped pool toy
4. Chapstick
5. Romance novel
6. SPF 30 sunblock
7. Stripped beach towel
8. Flip flops
9. Swim goggles
10. Inflatable swim wings
11. Water gun
12. Diving stick
13. Watermelon
14. Atlanta Braves Baseball Cap
15. Polka dot bathing suit
16. A pair of RED sunglasses
17. BLUE ink pen
18. A movie ticket stub
19. Pack of gum
20. Can of Coca Cola
21. An iPod
22. Swim Diaper
23. Pony tail holder
24. A band aid
25. 2011 penny


Theresa said…
so so helpful... thank you so much!!
Katrina Shirley said…
That was extremely helpful! Thanks!